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Welcome to L.I.V. Freely, my name is Livia and I am 14 years old. I live in Minnesota. I, along with my two sisters, Isla and Vienna, founded L.I.V. Freely. At nine months old, I was diagnosed with severe allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, sesame, sunflower seeds, peaches and cherries. I have lived my life avoiding any products containing these allergens. I have never been able to go into a bakery or a store and buy baked goods. My mother taught me at a young age to bake so that I could enjoy treats like other kids my age. Baking has become a passion of mine. I have sold cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and various desserts to family and friends. I hosted baking camps for younger children during the summer. I even applied for a TV kid's baking show where I advanced to the interview stage of the application process. I still believe that I was not chosen because of my allergies and the liability. I have not let my allergies stop me from doing what I love. I have continued to educate myself to become the best baker that I can be.

I decided to create L.I.V. Freely because I want others to be able to eat baked goods without having to worry about allergies. I chose the name L.I.V. Freely because it represents the beginning letter in each of our names (Livia, Isla, Vienna). Freely represents how we want others to live their lives; feeling free of worry when eating. Our company sells cupcakes, cakes, and other baked goods that are allergy friendly. We obtained a Cottage License from the state of Minnesota so that we can bake out of our home. Our kitchen is free from peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, sesame, and sunflower seeds. 

My mom always told me at a young age that something good would come out of my food allergies. I feel that God has blessed me with the talent and gift to be able to give other kids with allergies something that they normally would not be able to have. We are happy to custom make desserts and baked goods for you and your family!  We are currently only able to sell to customers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and the suburbs around the Twin Cities. My hope is that you will enjoy our desserts as much as we do!


"We have ordered cupcakes from Livia on many occasions and we were always "wowed" by this girl's talent. The delicious homemade taste and beautiful attention to detail was outstanding. You will never be disappointed with this young lady's creations!" 

From Nancy, a Fan Forever  

South Range, WI

"Livia has made so many desserts for my son's birthday parties over the past several years. He has peanut and nut allergies and it's wonderful as a parent knowing he's not only have a safe dessert, but also one that tastes terrific! Her desserts have always been a huge hit at family gatherings! They are beautifully decorated and taste fabulous!"


Hermantown, MN

"Several years ago I ordered a cake from a well-known baker for my wife’s birthday, and when I picked it up was shocked to be charged almost $150.00 for a cake that was not very fancy and was not very good.  So the next year I hired baker extraordinaire Livia Murray to bake a cake.  Due to some family gluten issues she baked a Flourless Chocolate Cake with a raspberry cordial filling between layers, and a chocolate ganache frosting. It was beautifully decorated with fresh raspberries. This was absolutely the best cake that I have ever tasted in my 66 years on this earth.  So very rich and beautiful! Livia’s baking and decorative talents and desire for perfection stretch far beyond her years. I can highly recommend her for anyone’s baked goods needs!!! "


South Range, WI

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Q. What allergens do you avoid in your products?

A. We bake peanut, tree nut, sesame, sunflower seed, and coconut free.

Q. Where do you bake from? Do you have a store front?

A. We have a Cottage License from the state of Minnesota. This means that we can bake from our home. Our home is free from the allergens listed above. Since we have a Cottage License, we are not subject to state inspection. We do not have a store front. We will deliver or arrange pick when an order is placed. 

Q. Can you accommodate other allergens? 

A.  We are currently only baking free from the allergens listed above. We do have some gluten allergy aware products available. We are working hard to be able to eventually bake free from other allergens. Check back for updates!

Q. Can you ship your products?

A. Currently we are just selling to areas around Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are hoping to expand our business very soon so that we can ship to other areas. Check our website to see updates on shipping. 


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About Us

Founder, Livia

Founder, Livia

My name is Livia and I am 14 years old. I am obsessed with baking, especially cupcakes. I enjoy basketball, volleyball, and crafting. 

CO-Founder, Isla

Co-Founder, Isla

My name is Isla and I am 9 years old. I like volleyball, golf, baking, and playing with my doll, Willa!


Co-Founder, Vienna

My name is Vienna and I am 11 years old. I love baking, basketball, volleyball, and playing with my dog, Toby!